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Kampala, Uganda

Champion Equal
Rights For Girls & Women

An Equitable World
For Girls & Women

Leadership Training
For Girls & Women In
All Fields Of Science

Adaptable Policies
That Promote
Gender Equity

Building An Equitable World For Girls & Women Now.

AWiSH enables girls and women to come together to support each other as peers and mentors. A place where women in science can access the resources they need to chart out the trajectory of their education and careers.The African Women Scientists’ Hub was founded for all of us women in science.

Our Programs

Women Leadership Programs

Girl Empowerment Initiatives

Research Programs

Innovative STEM Programs

Our Vision

To see girls and women participate,
lead and prosper in science.

AWiSH Sustainable Development Goals

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Promoting women leadership and participation at all levels.
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Reaching out to marginalized adolescents and women.
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AWISH Partnerships; Sacred Heart Senior Sec School, Reach Out Mbuya HIV initiative.
research awish
AWISH is involved in research among adolescent girls and young women funded by MAK Research and Innovation Fund.

Let’s Build A Gender Equitable World Together.